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Amanda Davis

Owner/Founder, Devotion in Action

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Amanda is the founder and author at the Devotion in Action blog, which focuses on Christian devotionals, helps, and Bible Art Journaling tutorials. She lives near St. Louis with her worship pastor husband and two homeschooled teenagers. A self-taught artist who couldn't draw a stick figure, she understands the plight of the beginner! Preschoolers thoroughly enjoy her Christian board book called The Very Best Plan. She loves kayaking, hiking, reading, teaching, and trying out projects on her new Cricut machine!

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Thanks so much for coming to my Overflowing Grace session at the 2021 Saved By Grace Bible Journaling Conference! Enjoy 15% off the purchase of my toddler's book The Very Best Plan in the Devotion in Action Shop!


Overflowing Grace 10-day Devotional


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Overflowing Grace

Amanda Davis