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Amanda Davis

Overflowing Grace

A Session by Amanda Davis (Owner/Founder, Devotion in Action)

About this Session

Come journal along with me in John 4! This session is centered on the story of the woman at the well and the opportunity of grace that was offered to her. In addition to some awesome devotional content, you will get tips for creating more realistic rocks, wood, water, and light in Bible art journaling. We will get to play and create in the Word together!

Materials needed to journal along with me: Printed out session download (see your email) Bible or journal Pencil for tracing Watercolors (or colored pencils, colors, markers, etc) to color the image Black pen for outlining Gesso or Matte gel medium to prep the page (OPTIONAL) Heat gun or hair dryer (OPTIONAL)

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Overflowing Grace 10-day Devotional


Thanks so much for coming to my Overflowing Grace session at the 2021 Saved By Grace Bible Journaling Conference! Enjoy 15% off the purchase of my toddler's book The Very Best Plan in the Devotion in Action Shop!


About The Speakers

Amanda Davis

Amanda Davis

Owner/Founder, Devotion in Action