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Lillian Stevens

How to do Shabby Chic Bible Journaling with Magazines (+Journaling Heb. 4:16 )

A Session by Lillian Stevens (Owner/Founder, Hey Creative Sister)

About this Session

Bible Journaling doesn't have to be difficult to look BEAUTIFUL and that's where Shabby Chic Bible Journaling with Magazines comes into play!

In this session, Lillian Stevens from Hey Creative Sister ( will take you on a step by step journey learning how to do Shabby Chic Bible Journaling with Magazines. You will watch her create a beautiful Bible Journaling from Hebrews 4:16 that shares the good news of GRACE!

You will come away from this session with an easy to implement technique that will result in beautiful results

This technique is perfect for beginners and experienced Bible journalers alike.

The Bible journaling supplies needed for this course are things that you most likely already have on hand in your home:

◾ Journaling Bible or notebook ◾ white acrylic paint ◾ straight edge ruler ◾ glue stick ◾ white acrylic paint ◾ magazine of your choice (preferably shabby chic in nature) ◾ paint brush (optional) ◾ free printable (provided by instructor)

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About The Speakers

Lillian Stevens

Lillian Stevens

Owner/Founder, Hey Creative Sister

Combining creativity and faith has always been the first mission at because the two are divinely intertwined as God created His children to create and glorify Him.