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Sara Bryant

Owner/Designer, Keys of the Kingdom Sara is an ordained minister of the Gospel. She has traveled to foreign countries for missionary work as well as done ministry work at home in the US. Sara studied Speech Communication.

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Sara is the founder and owner of Keys of the Kingdom. She is a spirit-filled stay-at-home wife/mom. Her family is her first and most important ministry. She has a passion for sharing the benefits of Bible Journaling as a way to connect more with God and gain a deeper meaning of His Word. She calls it Creatively Meditating in God's Word. Sara also has a huge passion to share important Biblical truths or keys for Christians to live a great life here on earth in the Kingdom of God. Through Bible Journaling, Sara is able to share her story of hope to others in the child-loss community, as she lost her first child, Faith, when she was 24w 2d pregnant.

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SOZO - Our Identity in Christ (Pages 2-4)


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Saved by Grace: SOZO - Our Identity in Christ

Sara Bryant