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Nadine Kennedy

Owner/Designer, THe Maker Heart Studio My biggest inspiration for journaling is to continue my Mother's legacy of simply writing to our Wonderful Fatherheaven. I am fortunate enough to own several of her Bibles and Prayer Journals that are over 50 years old. My desire is to continue my story where she left off, start a new story of children and continue in faith.

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Hi there, I am Nadine Kennedy one of the presenters this year at the Saved by Grace Online Bible journaling Conference.

It’s such a pleasure to be with you at our conference. Since we are here, let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born on a tiny island in the Caribbean that belongs to the illustrious Commonwealth of Nations. The first of 5 kids, two came and left too soon, I grew up among some of the most creative people you will ever meet on the 3rd planet that orbits the sun earth of course, and my little spot was filled with abounding beauty. My family whose ancestors are descendants of the industries Igbo tribe from Nigeria were made up of preachers, nurses, artists, engineers, musicians, songwriters, oil riggers, doctors, farmers, and entrepreneurs.

My first creative experience came with pouring glitter on paper to make a costume for children's carnivals, I later went to creating my extravagant costumes for our nation's most renowned and scandalous event. In between that, I drew, painted, built dollhouses, made go-carts, wall art, books, etc.… I decorated anything I could get my hands on.

My dad the noblest, loving and ultimate enabler of his favorite and only daughter made sure I had all the supplies I needed to explore my God-given abilities. ( In other words, make a huge mess that my dearest mother complained about lol. )

My mom the superpower behind our family's team, owned her own design house where she created clothes for us and her clients. I learned my hustle from her. If my dad was water my mom was FIRE. She also was an AVID bible journaler and I am fortunate enough to have her prayer journals and bibles and drawing of over 50 years.

At 6 years old she taught me how to sew a straight stitch on an old peddled antique Singer Sewing machine. She enrolled me to be an assistant/student to a College professor who thought garment drafting and construction. Later I would create a couture line of clothing for women and children and sell online. She also encouraged my artistic abilities.

Upon moving to the US, I wore many professional hats but not without including my love for journaling art and making beauty.

When I'm not busy you can find me taking pictures of tall buildings or sitting around watching people and inventing stories about them.

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Nadine Kennedy