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Marsha Baker

Sketchnote Boss, BlessInks Called by God to share His Word. I teach people how to become visual in their faith.

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Marsha Baker is a graphic artist whose mission is to draw people closer to Christ with her art. She loves typography and uses graphic elements to help people visually connect with the Word. Marsha is also the creator of the several guided visual journals artfully doodle during your quiet time. Marsha lives right outside of St Louis with her husband Randy You can find her art and devotionals on her website at email her at blessinks@livecom

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Join us at the Sermon Sketchnote Boss Facebook group for a 10-day sermon sketchnote challenge. Learn to sketch your first sermon by Sunday.  Challenge starts on October 16th and runs through Oct 25th.  Challenge is free. Click here to find out more and to sign up to get the free handouts.


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Marsha Baker