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Jade Sibblies

Owner/Designer, Etched By Faith I am proficiently resourceful, at Bible Journaling on a budget.

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My name is Jade, I live in Kingston, Jamaica. I am currently doing my Bachelor's in Theology. I stumbled upon Bible Journaling in 2018 and that's where my journey began. Since then I've been on numerous creative teams, and a presenter in a Pearls and Pom Poms Bible Journaling retreat as well as a contributor for Illustrated Faith's Revival Camp 2021 (Camp Wonder) and Launching my online store. I love all things crafty and try to incorporate all that into my journaling. Bible journaling is a creative outlet for me to share my testimonies with others, worship and praise the Lord. My desire is to inspire and bring encouragement through the Word and art. You can also so follow along on youtube where I share more about my creative journey.  

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Don't Give Up, You Are Saved by Grace

Jade Sibblies