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Georgia Idreams

Georgia’s Bible, Georgia’s Bible

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I have been Bible journaling since mid 2018 when God woke me up, kicked down my closed door and unpaused my Baptism! Since then, every step of the way, I have been sitting in the back seat allowing *Him* to do the driving. From barely colouring in my Bible to bravely painting my pages, joining Facebook groups for inspiration and then being talked into starting my own group, making YouTube videos (THAT was a huge scary step!) and running monthly virtual retreats..... my art and my faith journey are so closely linked. I am known for my moments of tmi..... because there’s ALWAYS a story! And my passion is “secret journaling”.... responding to God’s Word by writing my thoughts and prayers in such a way that I share the ART on social media but keep the journaled part of our sacred conversations hidden and only for Him.

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When God Calls - The Grace of Secret Journaling

Georgia Idreams