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Ansu Badenhorst

Owner and Director, Ivytree Studio Educator, Artist and Content Developer with a Degree in Education, Economics and Biblical Studies -Encouraging Creative Christian Women through the Word of God, Art, Creativity and a love of Paper.

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Hello from sunny South Africa. Here is a little bit about me. I am 47. An educator for over 25 years, Highly Sensitive Artist and Idealist (INFP), Content Developer, Creative Entrepreneur and Business Owner. I am also married to my love, Henry and we have a little fur baby and no kids....yet. 12 years ago God gave me the miracle man I prayed consistently for, for many years. The journey there was hard, but God used my innate creativity to help me pray visually and it kept me faithfully believing against all odds, that God would fulfil His purposes for my life. I am a Dreamer and life for dreamers can be hard. If you are also a dreamer, I would like to encourage your heart through my session to see God grow lillies through His grace in the wilderness-seasons of life. I look forward to seeing how God uses my story and this wonderful conference to touch lives and bring more Grace to our lives. I pray that the Holy Spirit brings you to the waters of Grace, and may Grace and Mercy follow you all of your life. If you surrender your life to the Lord during my session, please send me an email so I can follow up with you.

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A Graceroad in the Lillies - How God Provides Grace for our Journey and Leads Us to Fields of Spiritual Flowers Along the Wilderness Way

Ansu Badenhorst